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New generation Axis Bank has announced a charter of policies and practices for their employees and customers from the LGBTQIA+ community, christened #ComeAsYouAre.

On 6 September 2018, India’s apex court had ruled that all sexual relationships between consenting adults in private should be decriminalized. Three years later, the new-age bank has announced a charter of policies and practices that embrace diversity, equity and inclusion within the organization and for its customers.

What are the initiatives for the employees?

All employees can list their partners for mediclaim benefits irrespective of gender, sex or marital status

There are employees who have a gender or gender expression that’s different from their sex assigned at birth. They can choose to dress in accordance with their gender/ gender expressions.

The employees can choose to use the restroom of their choice in accordance with their gender expression/gender identity. The bank have started setting up all-gender restrooms at its large offices

What are the initiatives for the customers?

The customers can open a Joint Savings Bank Account or a Term Deposit with their same sex partner

They can add ‘Mx’ as a title. Yes, the customers who are gender non binary, gender fluid or transgender persons will have the option of choosing their title from the option of ‘Mx’ in their Savings or Term Deposit Account.

They can make their same sex partner a nominee in their Savings or Term Deposit Account at Axis Bank

The new norms take effect from 20 September.

Congratulations Axis Bank

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