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A Bank for the Buck: The Story of Hdfc Bank


The Story of HDFC Bank, the new bank movement and the untold story of the making of India's most valued bank. This is the story of the birth and growth of India's most valued Bank -HDFC Bank Ltd -against the backdrop of the new bank movement in India that started in 1994 when the Reserve Bank of India opened up the sector to introduce competition and to force banks to be efficient and more productive. Many books have tried to give meaning to India's recent history, to put it in the larger context of a complicated and confounding society, but this effort stands out because it does something that has been difficult to attempt -retelling the story of modern India through the lens of business. Given the author's familiarity with bankers, policy makers and central bankers, this fast-paced, jargon-free book, written for a wide audience, brings to life an engrossing and sweeping tale of 21st century India, with all its foibles and charms.


y v reddy

Dr. Yaga Venugopal Reddy

Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India

The author, Tamal Bandyopadhyay, called me a month ago and requested me to write a foreword for his forthcoming book on HDFC Bank Ltd—a unique story of the evolution of a modern bank in India, woven from several interviews. I was happy to write a foreword from respect and affection for the author, and decided to write only about him in the foreword. While he said he would be comfortable with whatever I wrote, he urged me to read the full manuscript and then decide what to write.


P. Chidambaram, Former Finance Minister of India

In a period of great financial illiteracy, it’s refreshing to have a book written by somebody very literate about matters relating to finance.

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