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Media Reviews

  • Inside story of India’s most valuable bank – HDFC bank

    • Bank for the Buck may be a rather inelegantly-named book, but it makes for a delightful read. There is no jargon, no confusing terminology, no beating around the bush with arcane detail. Every story or sub-story in the book is anecdotal, easy to comprehend and savour.

  • A Bank For The Buck-review by Avinash Kolhe

    • There are some stories, which are just waiting to be told. The success of the HDFC Bank was one such story.

  • A Bank For The Buck-review by Abhinav Journals

    • The book is about HDFC Bank, the first set of new banks that started operations in India around the mid-nineties. It explains about the process of building a sound, efficient and technology-based bank in the private sector.

  • ‘A Bank for the Buck’ – birth and growth of HDFC Bank

    • I am sure many would remember those days when bank employees from tellers to managers were in great demand in the matrimony market. They were appreciated as sons-in-law, which according to many people, would give girls’ family status as well as dignity. Technology and product innovation were unheard in those days.

  • An Indian bank’s success story

    • It’s rare to come across books on Indian businesses that make a compelling read. Most are packed with jargon, making it difficult for normal readers to follow.

  • A Bank For The Buck

    • This is one of the most fascinating stories of corporate India. A real life story of one of India’s most highly respected financial brand, HDFC Bank. I came across this book and by the time I was done reading the reviews on the back page, I was hooked.